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Meditation for Business


In today's society, business and life are moving so quickly, it's a challenge to stay centered and focused. For years, businesses have recognized the value of health through fitness, exercise and nutrition for greater success and happiness. While keeping physically healthy has proven to be a key component in productivity and keeping medical costs down, maintaining a positive mental attitude is now being recognized as an even greater asset. When given time to focus within through meditation, people return to their work task with more clarity, more ideas for solutions and problem solving, a greater capacity to deal with others and most importantly a strong sense of self, self confidence and inner resolve to get the job done with passion and success.

This is the work of Intellectual stimulation and emotional intelligence 

How Conflict Resolution Can Help Your Business


Today's culture of business, family and community is building leadership through relationships wherein the masculine and feminine work in partnership to thrive.  As society has come to a cross roads for change, the old script of the masculine and feminine are being revealed through "toxic masculinity" and the "me too" movement.  This calls for men, women and community to be in conversations, where the old is exposed and the new, has a safe space to allow for integration.  This transition requires men and women to recognize old triggers patterns and behaviors, which sometimes bring up conflict.  Learning to discuss, have healthy confrontation for each side to be seen and heard is the application of conflict resolution, the foundation for implementing healthy resolutions for all. 

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I am a new breed of career women.  We’re heart centered entrepreneurs.  We didn’t have corporate ladders to climb, we had life experiences to dive into heal and clear, to free ourselves of the beliefs, limited stories and human conditioning of a masculine developed culture.  

Through her highly skilled & unique coaching, Monica navigates you to see an all inclusive perspective.  Recognizing there has been an imbalance in energy.  Her leadership through intellectual stimulation engages employees in a corporate culture of innovative and creative thinking.  The time is now to incorporate your own inner strengths, which is your employees well being.  My role is to facilitate this transition through leading conversation, inspiring action for professional and personal, social and economic development in business


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A Revolution in the Health and Wellness Industry

Monica Heiz is an influencer and visionary with intuitive and spiritual wisdom grounded in practical application.  She is a trailblazer  in the Lifestyle and Fitness Industry, and National Aerobic Champion. Throughout her training she used nutrition & fitness to stay grounded happy and healthy, incorporating different methods into her lifestyle to create positive changes in mind body spirit. Her understanding of the connection between emotional, mental and physical strength, and the importance of supporting people through their own needs helps her guide them through their own process to build a foundation of confidence, personal power and passion.  With deep insight, Monica recognizes the relationship between your outer world of the physical and your inner world of thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.   Monica specializes in giving clients the tools, and insights into expressing themselves with passion and power that matches their true spirit and long term goals. This results in your inner world and outer world  becoming a healthy reflection of the person you are.



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