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Professional Women

Leading women to build emotional strength


Leading women to build emotional strength,  freeing themselves of outdated stories and limited beliefs, activating confidence, personal power and sense of personal identity

There  has been an imbalance in energy within society.  The masculine for centuries has built systems and structures for growth and success,  diminishing and dimming the value of the feminine.  We see it in relationships of business, communities and personal. This isn't about blame or fault. This is looking at the ways feminine energy has been unsafe to be expressed fully, to embrace and embody personal truth, trust in self,  inspire intuition and faithful actions. The time is now to build a relationship with your own inner strengths, freeing yourself of the limits and false beliefs of past generations to move into this era of diversity and inclusion. Effectively use of emotional intelligence. My role is to facilitate this transition through conversation and creating safe space for professional and personal social and economic development.

Leadership coaching builds relationships for a woman who embraces and embodies her feminine energy provides her the skills to see other people's projections, and to listen and trust her own sense of worth, value and identity. There is a feeling of expansion, of personal power and sweetness that partners with the masculine energy bringing in a clear focus where the relationships grow through language, clear open communication and safety for all involved.

Feminine energy diffuses the imbalance of giving and receiving, building a harmonious platform for the relationships. This applies to business and personal.

You're here to make an impact to create and implement great changes in business.

You are not defined or limited by the stories others tell you

When you identify what you want, what it means to you, you build and create a path towards it, investing in you

You and only you know what you are capable of and what matters most to you.  Choose to act on it.

You trust your inner wisdom one that speaks from your heart, with passion, power and purpose

Emotional Strength is your light, it''s  your own inner GPS guiding you towards success, happiness and love

You walk your path with love, releasing fears, safe and secure in your own truth.