Change Agent moving people and business through change and growth


"​Monica has literally changed my life! Through working with Monica, with CORE Instinct, I have been able to recognize and unleash power that I never thought I had to realize my personal and professional goals. She has given me direction in devising and implementing a career strategy that is powerful and proactive, while at the same time in perfect alignment with my ethics and value. Monica has challenged me to be the best I can be by forcing me to confront my doubts and fears and breaking through the self-limiting beliefs that have stagnated my growth. She has provided me with a sense of self confidence and inner peace that I certainly did not possess before.  How does she do this? By being a great listener and asking probing questions to explore who I am and what I seek, by sharing  her vast knowledge and experience and by providing  me with  a clear vision of what  I want and giving me creative strategies to articulate my message to the people I wish to reach. I signed up for the 3 month coaching program, and after just four weeks I have not only seen dramatic growth in my business but also feel a new sense of inner strength.  Working with Monica has been a remarkable and rewarding experience, and it is obvious that she cares about her clients and is absolutely committed to their success. The decision to sign up with Monica’s program was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I recommend her highly to anyone committed to self-improvement and personal growth."

Alan K. ~ Esq

Throughout the year that I’ve been working with her, Monica has been so supportive and encouraging and she has shifted and expanded my mindset in so many ways. She genuinely wants her clients to be as successful and passionate as she is and she helps you to understand your potential and find out what drives you. Monica gives practical, actionable advice that allows you to take her guidance and incorporate it in your everyday life in a way that works best for you. After every session, I come away feeling positive, excited, and ready to take on the next challenge. While it is ongoing work, Monica has empowered me to find my passion, live with a fearless attitude and create my own life path."
Julie Veluya~ Hospital Administrator

"Having become a successful commercial litigation trial attorney, I had reached a point in my career where I wanted to transform my education and experience into a more personally meaningful career. When I began working with Monica Heiz, I was missing the crucial connection between where I was at in my career path and where I needed to go in order to accomplish my goals. With Monica's powerful combination of intuition and business acumen, she was able to illuminate my core values and characteristics, thereby allowing me to develop the skills essential to make my vision a reality."  

Cheryl Rosenbaum, Esq. 

"I met Monica a couple months before I decided to do her Clarity sessions. I was drawn to her by her joy and enthusiasm. I didn't know who she was, but at that moment I wanted to connect with her... I mean, who isn't attracted to such needed energy?! From then, time passed and life kept taking it's course. Monica called me one day to see how I was doing. Her timing couldn't have come at a better time. 5 minutes before she called, I was driving thinking, "what do I need to do to make these situations in my life better?" I remember saying to myself, "remember to stay positive", but sometimes, thinking it just isn't enough. After speaking with Monica, I knew I had to do her Clarity Package, I owed it to myself. A part of me knew this was a must. After the first session it was MAGIC. An instant gratification to myself. Once Monica opened my eyes and made me aware of the surroundings in my life I was able to come out of the fog and truly see, not only with my eyes but with my soul. My Root Chakra was threaten at the time and I needed to create grounding for myself. You hear about these things all the time (especially me being a massage therapist)-- but how to go about finding a solution to these uncertainties is another thing. That's where Monica comes in. Like an Angel of Empowerment, who I claim gave me air to breath and to fly. She is authentic and a gift to all of us who encounter her knowledge and guidance. She's needed in this life full of so many distractions that distance us from our true self. Get grounded and get empowered like I have done. We need to understand our power and know how to deliver it. Do not hesitate on developing and finding that strength within."

Umbayi Moret ~  Massage Therapist, Energy Healer

"I started working with Monica in the Clarity Package, 3 private coaching-sessions.  It allowed me to get to know her and get a good idea of what to expect.  Through those initial sessions, Monica was able to help me immensely with my business.  Suddenly the most stressful issues became challenges to look forward to instead of trying to avoid.  I have a much clearer picture of how to steer my business and what goals I will achieve.  But perhaps the best part of working with Monica is that she helped me to change personally.  I feel like I stand much taller and feel even more valuable in who I am and what I do.  2017 just seems so much brighter knowing that my business will have some remarkable breakthroughs...and I simply feel much happier.  ...and we're not even done yet.  I have signed on for the full 3 Month Coaching Program with Monica.  I'm looking forward to my remaining sessions.  Thanks so much!"

Bob Baccaray ~  Financial Planner

 Monica held space for me, a very safe and sacred place that I felt I could 100% be vulnerable. She always showed up for me, her support was indescribable. I wasn’t limited to one e-mail, like many programs, rather I was limited by my limitations to share with her because she was always there to encourage me. She created a space for me that allowed me to define the journey with her support, she didn’t tell me how it had  to be done. I’ve never had a more emotionally deep experience with someone I’ve never met or a coach I’ve met for that matter. Monica is the best coach because she is more than a coach, she is truly a High Priestess of Passion.  She celebrated me like no one has ever celebrated me. I felt like I mattered to her in a world of disposable programs. She had one goal and it was for me to grow into the next, highest version of myself. I cannot thank Monica enough and I’m so excited for your opportunity to grow with her and share this unforgettable experience."
Melissa G~ Business Professional

You can feel her positive, inviting and judgment free energy.  She has a genuine passion for what she does and it shows. I am grateful to have found Monica.  She has changed my life—mind, body and soul. She has inspired me to believe in myself and whatever goals I have set, no matter how far reaching they may seem."                                                                                 

Camille Tirona~ IT Business Executive

Throughout the program Monica fostered a transformation in me from the inside out. I realized that my old habits and thoughts were holding me back and affecting the way I not only approached food and exercise, but also money, relationships, and my career. While working on making changes, Monica’s coaching was vital in helping me to remain centered. Anytime I had doubts or fears about change, she reminded me to look at everything as an opportunity for growth and helped me to draw upon my inner value, power, and confidence.
In the time that I worked with her, Monica has been supportive and encouraging and she has shifted my mindset in so many ways. She genuinely wants her clients to be as successful and passionate as she is and she helps you to find your potential. After every session, I come away feeling positive, excited, and ready to take on the next challenge!"

Jamie V~ Business Executive